Megan Fox’s sexiest film roles – same-sex romp to sizzling lingerie

Megan Fox has been raising pulses ever since she burst on to our movie screens in Transformers all the way back in 2007.

The Hollywood sex symbol never fails to wow viewers with her stunning looks and fantastic features throughout her successful career.

Her life off-screen has been just as dramatic after she split from her husband Brian Austin Green, who she shares three sons with, and is now dating Machine Gun Kelly.

As the A-list beauty turns 35, Daily Star has taken a look at her sexiest movie roles, from Mikaela Banes to a killer zombie in Jennifer's Body, to celebrate the star's special day.


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Who could forget how Megan blew us away as the sexy Mikaela Barnes as the female lead actress in the 2007 hit movie?

Perched provocatively on all fours on a motorbike saddle in one of the movie’s iconic – and most sexiest scenes – it’s no wonder Megan quickly gained an army of admirers.

Even co-star Shia LaBeouf had to bite his fist as the actress bent over a car bonnet and left little to the imagination as the hot female lead in the film.

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Megan’s confident performance saw her nominated for an MTV Breakthrough Performance Movie Award.

However, having been asked to gain ten pounds to star in the franchise’s second movie, she was fired from the third instalment after she claimed working for director Michael Bay was like working for Hitler.

She was replaced by UK model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who joined the cast as Shia's character Sam's new girlfriend Carly Spencer.

Jennifer's Body

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Two years later Megan landed her first lead role since Transformers, starring as the sexy murderous cheerleader Jennifer Check.

She has a lesbian romp with actress Amanda Seyfried (Anita “Needy” Lesnicki) and seduces countless male members of her class before killing them.

One unfortunate classmate, the football captain, is spectacularly disembowelled in the woods.

“I think what I loved about the movie is it's so unapologetic and how completely inappropriate it is at all times," Megan once said about the movie.

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The movie, directed by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody earned mixed reviews, but it grew a cult following and some critics called it a “forgotten feminist classic”.

Megan spoke about her passionate kiss with Amanda for the film, saying: "I feel much safer with girls, so I felt more comfortable kissing [Seyfried] than kissing any of the other people that I had to kiss."

Even Megan, it seems, can make a murderer look sexy.

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Megan clearly has no problem stripping to her lingerie as she comically seduces actor Simon Pegg (Sidney Young).

She played the stunning character Sophie Maes, a budding starlet who is the object of Young’s lust.

In one iconic scene she walks through a swimming pool in a skimpy dress and then later strips to her lingerie as a breathless Pegg mimics a pig.

“Give me your ring, go on,” says Megan to Simon. “If I win tomorrow I’ll let you have sex with me.”

Passion Play

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The Hollywood beauty starred alongside Hollywood heavyweights Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray in this romance-driven drama.

Rourke would later brand the film “terrible”, but Megan still looked her sexy self as she sizzled as a freak performer Lily Luster.

Famously dressed with angel wings on her back, Megan once again flaunts her enviable figure and is involved in a steamy motel scene with Rourke.

Friends with Kids

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Megan played the character Mary Jane and in one season gets frisky with actor Adam Scott (Jason Fryman) in one fruity scene on the couch.

The pair are seen snogging as Megan stripped off again to show off her enviable curves.

“I never imagined doing a romantic comedy before, but it was so original and different,” Megan said of the movie.

“It’s so honest and not cliché like a lot of romantic comedies really are. I’m really proud of it.”

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