NCT 127 Release a Music Video for 'gimme gimme'

On Feb. 15, NCT 127 released a music video for their newest single, “gimme gimme.” The single preludes the K-pop group‘s upcoming Japanese EP, Loveholic.

The EP will be released on Feb. 17. As one can guess by the title, Loveholic will focus on the different aspects of love. After the music video for “gimme gimme” was released, NCT 127 fans reacted to the song on social media.

NCT 127 will release the EP ‘Loveholic’

NCT 127 released their first Japanese album, titled Awaken, in 2019. The band announced their new Japanese EP in January and have followed the announcement with a number of teasers.

A group concept photo was released along with individual teaser photos of Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan, Yuta, Jaehyun, and Doyoung.

On Jan. 12, the band revealed that Loveholic features six tracks: “gimme gimme,” “Lipstick,” “First Love,” “Chica Bom Bom,” “Kick It,” and “Right Now.” “gimme gimme” is the album’s lead single. NCT 127 originally released the Korean version of “Kick It” as the lead single of their 2020 album Neo Zone.

NCT 127 released a music video for ‘gimme gimme’

In the weeks leading up to Loveholic, NCT 127 released “First Love” as a pre-release single. The K-pop group followed this by releasing a music video for “gimme gimme” just days before Loveholic drops.

The music video was released at 6 p.m. KST on Feb. 15 on the band’s official YouTube channel. A hip-hop track, the members sing of the addicting nature of love.

The song features elements that make it a classic NCT 127 track: flawless vocals, seamless choreography, killer visuals, and heavy hip-hop beats. Still, “gimme gimme” manages to subvert expectations with its slowed-down tempo.

Taeyong returned for the comeback

NCT 127 put on a “Beyond Live” concert on Dec. 27, 2020. Before the concert was held, SM Entertainment announced that Taeyong would be taking a break from the group due to an injury.

The label released a statement about Taeyong’s injury on Dec. 24, 2020, and according to Soompi the statement said:


This is SM Entertainment.

We ask for the understanding of fans.

Member Taeyong’s herniated disk in his lower back has relapsed, so he will inevitably be absent from all scheduled activities including the Beyond LIVE – NCT : RESONANCE [Global Wave].

We ask for the generous understanding of fans, and we will do our best for Taeyong’s treatment so he can fully focus on recovering his health.

Thank you.”

After an extended break from the group’s activities, Taeyong returned for the “gimme gimme” music video and the band’s promotions for Loveholic.

What NCTzens think of the ‘gimme gimme’ music video

On social media, NCT 127 fans celebrated Taeyong’s return and the “gimme gimme” music video.

One Reddit user wrote, “I don’t know what the line distribution is like but it seemed really fair. I feel like everyone shined here. I love to see Taeyong again!”

“I don’t think I blinked once watching this. The transitions were just *chef’s kiss*. Absolutely amazing choreography that fits the song and vibe so well. They knocked it out of the park,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

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