Piers calls Carol McGiffin ‘irrelevant has-been’ after blocking Loose Women star

Piers Morgan has once again taken to Twitter to lash out, this time targeting Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin.

The TV presenter blasted the 61-year-old after she criticised him in her latest column for Best magazine.

Carol used her column to slam the outspoken host’s habit of “shutting people down” and said that he “demonises” anyone who disagrees with him.

She wrote: “This hypocritical monster continues to preach, smear, defame, demonise, insult everyone who doesn’t agree with him or do as he says, while he continues to do as he pleases.”

“He’s got a book out about free speech,” Carol added.

“The blurb on it is basically saying people can’t debate anymore and they just shut people down.”

These comments clearly triggered Piers and caused him to take a swipe back at Carol.

The 56-year-old took to his Twitter to respond how Carol had reignited her feud with “hypocritical monster” Piers with her column.

Captioning it, he wrote: “I don't have feuds with irrelevant has-beens,” alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

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Many users replied to his tweet to point out the irony of Piers’ comments.

"And now we know Piers doesn't feud with himself," quipped one user

Someone else chimed in to label the star a hypocrite saying: "Make a sentence using the follow 3 words, Pot, Kettle, black.”

A third replied to him, writing: "Carol McGiffin is *always* relevant – love her to bits. And if I had to choose which one of you two to eject from my lifeboat…”

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The feud between the pair began last year when Carol called out Piers for his opinions on the coronavirus in August 2020.

"To everyone on here deluding themselves that Covid is ‘over’, take a look at Spain’s case & death rate in the past week. Then wake the f**k up. This pandemic has barely started," he tweeted to his millions of followers.

Carol was unimpressed, writing back: "Piers. The only deluded person around here is you. No one’s buying your hysterical bulls**t anymore. You did a brilliant job of scaring the nation into paralysis but it’s over now.”

Piers responded by blocking the star, which she screenshotted for her followers with the caption: “Touched a nerve???”

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