Piers Morgan calls Kanye West a ‘disgrace’ in furious rant over lockdown rules

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan unleashed his fury on Monday, after Kanye West was accused of flouting the UK's quarantine rules.

The 55-year-old GMB star didn't hold back as he aired his views about the rapper allegedly being spotted out and about in London after landing from the US only two days prior.

When it comes to the sticking to the guidelines surrounding the coronavirus, Piers will take on anyone who doesn't adhere to the rules in place and has often struck up battles with government officials on the subject.

The presenter was left raging after hearing Kim Kardashian's husband had allegedly decided against locking down for 14 days after arriving in the UK.

At this present moment, the government website stipulates that anyone who arrives from the US must self-isolate for two weeks before venturing out in public.

Not wanting to let the system fail those who had stuck to the rules, Piers certainly had something to say on the matter.

He fumed: "It's a disgrace that Kanye West can walk around London with no quarantine, when everybody else has to quarantine, who does he think he is?"

Piers added: "We see Kanye coming into London, he's in the US one day, flying into London the next."

He explained his feared the younger generation could opt to do the same if Kanye allegedly decided to ignore Boris Johnson's authority.

Piers continued: "It causes incredible resentment. That's why so many young people in particular go, 'well, if they're not going to do it, neither are we'."

On Friday, Kanye flew into London with his daughter North to attend the Bottega Venta fashion show at Sadler Wells Theatre in London.

The two rocked adorable matching father and daughter hoodies, that said "Vote Kanye" following his recent Presidential campaign.

Kanye's hopes and aspirations to become President came to end after his first rally, which saw him later take a step back from the campaign.

Instead, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are competing for the title of President, with the election taking place next month.

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