Red Hot Chili Peppers are hotter than ever with electrifying London show

It’s a balmy summer night in London and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium falls to silence as the crowd get to their feet, eagerly waiting for Red Hot Chili Peppers to come on stage.

Flea is the first to arrive in a blue kilt and doing a handstand across the stage, next is John and then Chad.

They immediately begin to jam sending the crowd into rapturous applause and screams but Anthony is nowhere to be seen.

If you squint you can see a figure stage right stretching – is it him?

Meanwhile, on stage, Flea’s thumbs are smackin’, Chad’s arms choppin’ and John’s melody’s poppin’. They’ve got the crowd in the palm of their hand.

Then, Anthony adorned in Playboy shorts and a black mesh T-shirt makes his way on stage as the crowd momentarily falls silent. It’s time to party.

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The band burst into Can’t Stop and everyone is waving their hands in their air and singing along. Fans young and old are filled with energy as the band promise to put on an energetic performance.

Next up is Scar Tissue, which Anthony dedicates to Tony Bennett who died earlier that day.

They also dedicate Snow (Hey Oh) which is next, to supporting act King Princess.

The energy for the whole show never drops and it’s clear the fans are here for the best night of their life and the band don’t disappoint.

Other hits include the electrifying Suck My Kiss and brilliant Soul to Squeeze.

Referencing Red Hot Chili Peppers’ love affair with London, they cover The Clash’s London Calling, which they seamlessly blend with Right On Time.

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With a catalogue as extensive as theirs, there will never be a perfect set list but the audience show their loyalty to Red Hot Chili Peppers by rocking out to newer tracks like Aquatic Mouth Dance and Reach Out from their 2022 albums.

As the show starts to wind down, the crowd raise their game for Californication, with everyone in the stadium singing the lyrics back to Anthony before lead guitarist John performs an expertly improvised solo.

Ending their set, the Peppers launch into By the Way and once again, the fans go wild. Looking across the stadium, there’s not one person who isn’t transfixed by the group and it’s not hard to see why.

With the end of By the Way, the stage cuts to black and the band walk off but the crowd screams, desperate for an encore.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers do not disappoint as they return with John softly plucking the intro to Under the Bridge before Anthony’s voice floats over the crowd.

As Chad and Flea join in, the fans start softly singing back. Everyone is trying to forget the show is almost over.

The pinnacle of euphoria comes at the end of the song as John and Flea face-to-face jam and the crowd know they’re witnessing something special.

Finishing on a high, the Peppers choose to end with Give It Away, immediately blowing everyone away again. Adoring fans scream with joy as Anthony punches out each lyrics. It’s the perfect encore.

As lights come on, and the exits open, it’s clear no one is ready to leave but there’s a unanimous feeling we’ve all just had the best time.

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