Rising Toronto Artist Mustafa Debuts Moving Music Video for New Song "Air Forces"

23-year-old Toronto-based Muslim poet Mustafa staked his claim in 2020 with his soulful debut “Stay Alive”. After collaborating with James Blake for the follow-up, “Come Back,” Mustafa returns with “Air Forces” complete with an accompanying video directed by Glenn Michael and Christo of Kid. Studio.

“Air Forces” revolves around a Sudanese tribal chant, paying homage to Mustafa’s heritage in what the artist describes as “inner city folk music.” The music video cuts from Toronto’s apartment complexes in his native Regent Park to city intersections contrasted by open fields that showcase the vastness of the earth’s expanse. The minimal yet moving instrumentation was co-produced by Frank Dukes and Jamie xx. “Don’t crease your Air Forces/ Just stay inside tonight/ You know what’s happening outside,” he sings in the opening verse.

Mustafa first gained international traction as Mustafa the Poet for his Remember Me, Toronto short film where he tapped Drake, BAKA NOT NICE and more to speak on gun violence in a moving tribute to the late Smoke Dawg. His first single “Stay Alive” released at the top of March and garnered international acclaim.

Stream “Air Forces” below and watch the music video above. In more music updates, Run The Jewels plan on performing RTJ4 live on Adult Swim in a concert promoting voter registration for the upcoming 2020 United States Presidential Election.

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