Rostam Addresses Global Warming in 'These Kids We Knew' Video

Rostam tackles global warming with the new single “These Kids We Knew.”

“Ain’t proud of where we’re going/You say we can’t afford the slow down,” he sings across lush instrumentation as images of smog, cities, and running dogs flash across the screen. “But the skies won’t take it no more/So we’re gonna slowly pull the earth back together.”

“The song was written in a fever-dream state during the second week of March last year while I was recovering from Covid-19,” Rostam said in a statement. “I was thinking of three generations while I was writing this song. There’s a generation of adults who don’t see global warming as their problem because they think they won’t be impacted by it. Then there’s a generation younger than mine, who will certainly have to deal with what is happening.”

“In the song I have a fantasy of the younger generation arresting the adults and putting them on trial in the streets of cities around the world,” he continued. “Those are the ‘sidewalk courts’ that I sing about in the song.”

Rostam released his solo debut Half-Light in 2017. “These Kids We Knew” follows “Unfold You,” which he dropped last fall with a video featuring Hari Nef. Rostam recently co-produced Haim’s Women in Music Pt. III and Clairo’s Immunity.

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