Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood breaks her BAFTA award after being too ‘rough’

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Sex Education star Aimee Lou Wood has broken her BAFTA gong.

It has happened just eight months after the actress won her award for the best female comedy performance.

She told the Daily Star Sunday: “I may have been a bit rough with my BAFTA and now there’s a slight swivel on it. It moves a bit, so I’m going to have to get that fixed.

“But I’m not sure how you go about getting a BAFTA fixed. I can’t exactly walk into a locksmith and say, ‘Hi, can you fix my BAFTA?’. It would look so smug.”

Aimee, 26, beat her Sex Education co-star Emma Mackey and comedy sensation Daisy May Cooper to win the awards.

Months on, she is still in shock that she got it.

She said: “It was the most amazing feeling. I could not believe it. I did not think that was going to happen. I know everyone says they don’t expect, but I truly didn’t.

“I had not prepared anything to say, which was obvious when I did my speech. The only thing I could think of saying was, ‘Thanks nana’.”

The actress who plays Aimee Gibbs on Sex Education will continue filming the new series this summer after the third series was left on a cliff-hanger.

Aimee's character overcame some significant obstacles during the last series of the show and admitted it's such a hit due to how "relatable" the story is.

“Sex Ed is so refreshing. It celebrates the awkwardness of that time. That is a really hard time, so it’s truthful," she said.

She hopes when the Netflix show does come to an official end it will be left "on a high."

However, she did acknowledge there is a possibility the comedy-drama which first aired in 2019 could follow its students into university, but Aimee has said she doesn't "particularly want to be playing a fresher" when she's 45.

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