Sniffer Dog May Have Discovered Human Remains Near Home Of Carole Baskin’s Missing Ex-Husband

Sniffer dogs appear to have alerted police to human remains near the home of Carole Baskin’s missing ex-husband, Don Lewis.

2020 has been a wild year for a number of reasons. A pandemic has gripped the planet, millions have been striving for change via the Black Lives Matter movement, and the road to this year’s US presidential election is like nothing the country has ever seen before. Plus, on a far lighter note, 2020 was the year Netflix gave the world Tiger King.

As entertaining a show as Tiger King was, viewers likely had to remind themselves on multiple occasions that what they were watching was real-life. The park employee losing her arm, Joe Exotic’S multiple marriages, the country music videos. Had this been a fictional work, viewers would have labeled it farfetched. But no, it was in fact a documentary.

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One of the more intriguing characters to come out of the show was Carole Baskin. So intriguing that she has landed herself a spot on this season’s Dancing with the Stars. Baskin has been thrust back into the limelight via the reality show, which is why her life has been laid bare for the world to see for the second time in 2020. The latest in regard to that is the human remains sniffer dogs appear to have discovered near her ex-husband’s home, reports Metro.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the doc, Baskin’s husband Don Lewis went missing in 1997. He or his body has not been found to this day, and Lewis was declared dead in 2002. During Tiger King, Exotic accuses Baskin of killing Lewis and feeding his remains to her tigers. The matter was discussed so heavily during the documentary that the case was reopened by police, and this is where it has lead them.

Even though a sniffer dog believes there to be something there, it may take a while to find anything, if there is indeed anything to find at all. Trained dogs can smell human remains as deep as 20 feet below the water. Since Lewis went missing in 1997, if there are remains, and they belong to him, they will be covered in mud and who knows what else. Plus, the waters in which the dog believes the remains to be are filled with alligators.

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