Spencer Matthews confesses he quit booze to save his marriage to Vogue Williams

Former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has confessed his drinking demons nearly destroyed his marriage.

Spencer tied the knot with Irish beauty Vogue Williams at his family estate in Scotland in 2018, but the couple’s union has experienced it's ups and downs.

Spencer, 32, has bravely opened up on his issues with drink, explaining how his wife was his motivation to quit booze.

He explained how he believed his beautiful wife would have left him if he didn’t kick his alcohol habit for good.

Speaking candidly on a Tap Into Success webinar for Nicorette, Spencer confessed: "There was a really good chance that my wife would have left me if I carried on drinking the way I was drinking.

"For the first time in my life I put her first.

"Usually the old me would have said, ‘Do you know what? Fine. If you don't like it then get out.’

"I had this really kind of selfish ‘me before anyone else’ streak before.

"When I realised I cared more about her than I do perhaps myself, and that I was making her see less in me, that gave me a real burning desire to be better for her, initially."

Spencer and Vogue welcomed their second child, a beautiful daughter they named Gigi, in July.

The couple announced they were expecting their second child together in March after welcoming their son Theodore Fredrick Michael Matthews in September 2018.

Spencer admitted his drinking habits had become "unsustainable" prior to their lavish wedding two years ago.

In a previous interview with The Times, he admitted: "My relationship with alcohol became unsustainable. For people who are going to ask, ‘Were you an alcoholic?’ I suppose the short answer is 'Yes.'"

Spencer, who now has his own line of non-alcoholic drinks, explained how booze "disturbed his thought process" and he would wake up the day after drinking “feeling like [he] should be in a body bag”.

"My functionality, my decision-making, my creativity would be impaired,” the reality star explained as he acknowledged that “moderation was impossible," for him.

In the months before becoming a father for the first time, the telly star reassessed his priorities and chose sobriety.

Spencer now credits the mother of his children for her kind nature and supporting him on his sober journey: "I feel like we have the most wonderful relationship.

"I can hear that she respects my opinion and respects me as an individual, and that is worth its weight in gold to me."

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