St. Vincent Releases 'Daddy's Home'-Inspired Playlist With Commentary

St. Vincent has curated an “enhanced playlist” inspired by her upcoming album Daddy’s Home for Spotify.

The playlist features some of Annie Clark’s favorite “daddy-themed” songs and other tracks that correspond to the themes of the album, including “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna, “Big Poppa” by the Notorious B.I.G., and “Daddy Lessons” by Beyoncé. Also included are exclusive interview clips with Clark, where she further explains the inspiration behind her playlist choices and “what it means to be Daddy.”

“Daddy represents to me, in the context of Daddy’s Home, a personal transformation,” Clark says. “There’s a literal father, sure, but it’s also about me transforming into Daddy…[You must] become yourself and very comfortable in your own skin. You gotta walk around with that BDE. That Big Daddy Energy.”

Spotify will be releasing more behind-the-scenes content for Daddy’s Home when the album is released on May 14th.

Last month, St. Vincent released “The Melting of the Sun,” the second single from Daddy’s Home after “Pay Your Way in Pain.” “[That song] in particular is a love letter to strong, brilliant female artists,” she recently said of “The Melting of the Sun” in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Each of them survived in an environment that was in a lot of ways hostile to them.” St. Vincent performed both tracks during her musical guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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