Victoria Beckham is flogging her £1,700 designer dresses from the back of a van

Victoria Beckham has made a big decision to get business wheels back in motion – she'll be flogging luxury designer label clothes door-to-door.

Posh's usually pushes clothes in high end department stores across the world

The fashion mogul has until now resisted the temptation to follow others, but will offer an exclusive concierge service from this week.

But a lot like her trendy gear, it comes at a cost.

Victoria, who often charges £1,700 dresses and her stylish £500 jeans, has priced the delivery service at £15.

But it's not just someone lobbing a parcel at your front door.

Her staff member will stay and offer fashion tips, as well as tempting you with what else VB has to offer.

That's not it – the Spice Girl promises that for every delivery that is booked, a tree will be planted.

She put together a post for her website which says you now don't need to leave your road to enjoy what's on offer.

It read: "Created with ease and comfort in mind, you can now try the latest Victoria Beckham pieces at home, before you purchase.

"The service brings the in-store shopping experience to you.

"Order multiple sizes, styles or take the opportunity to try something a little out of your comfort zone. We’ll then return the pieces you don’t want, and swiftly complete the payment for the pieces you do, all from the comfort of your own home.

"Simply select the pieces you want to try and they’ll be delivered to via the Concierge Style team in a dedicated van. The service is carbon neutral too and for every appointment booked a tree is planted."

The article added: "On the day of your appointment, your pieces will arrive with a Style Concierge, via a dedicated van. Each piece will be steamed, hung in a garment bag and transported on a rail.

"Your Style Concierge can be on-hand for advice and alterations or wait outside for you to try the pieces at your leisure.

"Pay for the pieces you’d like to purchase via card reader or a private SMS link and simply hand back any pieces you don’t want to your Style Concierge, who will return them for you."

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