WATCH: Model-Turned-Pop Singer Ivy Levan Releases Emotional 'Her' Music Video

Ivy Levan is back!

The model-turned-singer — notable for her performance as Usherette on Fox’s remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show — returns to the musical limelight with her new music video for “Her,” shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

“Her” is Levan’s first song since 2015 when she released her album No Good, whose lead single “Biscuit” has garnered over 1.3 million plays on Spotify. Levan also previously featured 16-time Grammy winner Sting on her song “Killing You.”

Distinct for its close-ups of Levan, 31, the video captures the singer in black bodysuits and mini dresses as she sings lyrics to a lover that once was.

“What’s she got that I don’t have?” sings the “Frostbitten” singer. “Cried all the tears I had. Watch me as I fade to black.”

“The video illustrates the feeling of being ‘stuck.’ I’m in a box wanting out. Stuck with my emotions and imprisoned in my own self-doubt. I know a lot, if not all of us, can relate — especially with how much pressure social media puts on us to be perfect,” she tells PEOPLE. “I hope that this song and video is a reminder to everyone that you’re not alone and we all struggle with self-love but making art is my outlet and I’m very fortunate to be able to create and share.”

The singer says she was inspired to write the track after she ended a “very serious 7-year relationship.”

“Being completely out of the loop with new modern dating, I wasn’t having any luck. When I start to like someone I meet, they seem to ghost me with no warning and I then see them with someone else and I find it confusing,” she says about the lyrics. “‘Her’ is about that. Never feeling good enough for someone. The lyric ‘What’s she got that I don’t have?’ is self-explanatory. With Instagram and dating apps, where it’s so easy to compare and swipe on to the next best thing, I wanted to touch on that in this song and share the mindf— it’s caused me.”

Levan updated fans in early September, letting them know that new music is coming.

“EP is finished.. now just what to name her ?,” Levan tweeted about her new music. “Hoping to have all videos and everything ready by 9/29. Fingers crossed. Working very hard for you! Missed you all so much.”

The singer, who also sang “Who Can You Trust” for Melissa McCarthy’s movie Spy, is currently finalizing her sophomore album, which is set to release next year.

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