White Sun Release New LP ‘White Sun III’

The Los Angeles-based New Age band White Sun released their third studio album, the double-LP White Sun III, on September 29th. The 90-minute project follows two previous albums, their 2015 self-titled debut, which reached Number One on the iTunes World Music chart, and 20176’s White Sun II, which topped Billboard’s New Age chart and secured Best New Age Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

White Sun is a trio of singer-songwriter Gurujas Khalsa, producer-instrumentalist Adam Berry and percussionist Harijiwan Khalsa, who also founded the group. The former spoke to Hindustan Times in 2017 about the group’s Grammy win and how kundalini yoga influenced their musical aesthetic.

“Harjiwan gave it this name – it has a profound meaning, for in all time, space and universe, it is the central sun,” Gurujas said. “Harjiwan formed the band because he wanted to bring Gurbani mantras to a larger audience so that many more people could benefit from them. The sound of these mantras has changed so many lives.”

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