YK Osiris Celebrates Debut as Indie Artist After Cutting Ties With Def Jam

The ‘Leave Me on Read’ singer is revealed to have cut ties with the label a few months before he releases his single titled ‘Dear Fans’ as an independent artist.

AceShowbizYK Osiris has made his debut as an indie artist. A few months after cutting ties with label Def Jam, the “Leave Me on Read” singer made the best of his transition period by releasing a brand new song.

On Tuesday, July 11, the 24-year-old artist unleashed his latest single, “Dear Fans”, along with its accompanying official music video. Picking up the theme of him lowering his guard down and embracing truth, he displayed himself having therapy session and became the psychologist at the same time.

“It’s actually hard to talk about my problems. I don’t think anyone understands me for real, maybe just my fans,” the Floridian singer said in the music video. He was further portrayed thinking about the way to show the world who he truly is before coming to a decision of writing a message to his supporters.

YK released his new single right after he was unraveled by TMZ to have cut the tie with label Def Jam in December 2022. Sources claimed there were no problems going on between the singer and the label, but did note that “both teams just acknowledged the relationship ran its course.”

The “Money Keep Coming” singer’s split from Def Jam happened less than five years after he joined the label. He started working with the label back in April 2018. One year after he signed to the label, he released an album titled “The Golden Child”. The album contained one of his hit singles, “Worth It”.

A few weeks before he made his debut as indie artist, YK made headlines for declaring he has lost everything following his controversy with Sukihana. In his Instagram Story on June 16, he wrote, “I lost everything, my mind, my family, my love for music. I just need help fr.” In a follow-up Story, he wrote, “I apologize to my family and my supporters I keep letting y’all down.” He further promised that he is ready “to be a better person and focus on my purpose and that’s music.”

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