Yvette Fielding can’t wait to die after ‘spirits told her about the afterlife’

Yvette Fielding says that presenting TV show Most Haunted means she now can’t wait to die – as she knows there's an afterlife.

The former Blue Peter host said fronting paranormal activity shows has transformed her life due to interactions with ghosts and spirits from |the other side.

Her iconic Most Haunted show was followed by Ghosthunting With… where Fielding and paranormal experts investigated supposedly haunted places across Britain.

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She revealed her experiences have made her "happier" as she has grown to appreciate "how lucky we are to be here".

Speaking on the Namaste podcast about how seeing a ghost for the first time changed her, the 54-year-old said: “My god, did Most Haunted change my whole life.

“It changed my belief.” Asked if she was less scared to die, she said: “I can’t wait.

“Honestly, I am not at all frightened of death one bit, after doing 20 years of this I know 100% myself, personally, that there’s life after death.

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“It’s changed my life and the way that I look at life.

“I’m not religious, but I do know there is something much bigger than we can even begin to comprehend that’s far bigger than we know or understand about."

She claims spirits from "the other side" have given her the "most incredible information" about what the afterlife is like.

“And also what it’s like to die, the feeling of death, what happens to you, people that go over in sudden accidents like car crashes, what happens to them and they’ve explained all this to us," Yvette continued.

“I’ve been in tears over it, going ‘oh my god, this is amazing’, so it has changed my life and I’m better for it.”

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