7 Coronation Street spoilers reveal what's next in Nick Tilsley's secret wife storyline

Coronation Street finally revealed Nick Tilsley’s big secret this week – he’s married to show newcomer Elsa.

Okay, so this “big twist” was no surprise to anyone who keeps up with Corrie spoilers, but we’re still pretty intrigued over where this story could be heading next. What does it all mean for Nick, Leanne, Carla and the ever-important Underworld factory?

Here, we’re rounding up seven spoilers that reveal what’s next.

1. Carla continues to pile on the pressure

Friday night’s episodes saw Elsa reveal her true identity to Carla, blowing apart Nick’s false claims that she’s only his business partner. Never one to pass up on an opportunity, Carla quickly used the situation to her advantage by ordering Nick to sign over his half of Underworld to her, threatening to tell Leanne everything if he didn’t cooperate.

Carla’s ultimatum wasn’t just an idle threat, as she’s still sticking by it early next week. Monday’s double bill sees Nick clash with Carla over the future of the business, refusing to be pushed around. But with Carla piling on the pressure, will Nick have to back down?

2. Nick gets a chance to come clean

Still oblivious to the Elsa-related shenanigans that are going on underneath her nose, Leanne remains committed to a reunion with Nick in next week’s episodes. There’s just one problem – she’s insisting on absolute honesty, so that they can start their reconciliation off on the right foot. Oh dear.

Honest Leanne brings Nick up to speed on everything that’s been going on with her life since he left, but there’s no way that Nick can be as candid in return.

Ben Price, who plays Nick, recently revealed: “Leanne brings him up to date with everything that has happened in her life and he just crosses his fingers. Nick is wondering what he can get away with.”

3. Peter reacts to Nick and Leanne’s reunion

After getting their not-so-honest conversation out of the way, Leanne is satisfied that she knows everything there is to know about Nick (ha!) and his life in Nottingham.

Making the reunion official, Leanne tells Peter that she’s getting back together with Nick. Peter is appalled at Leanne’s reconciliation with his biggest enemy on the Street, adamant that she can do much better. Hmm, for once, he may be right.

4. Nick plays the hero

Convinced that he can prevent the two ladies in his life from ever meeting, Nick focuses his efforts on helping Leanne to solve a very different family crisis. When Simon announces that he wants to join the navy, Peter approves but Leanne is convinced that it’s a terrible idea.

Going out to bat for Leanne, who’s being left out in the cold on this one, Nick has a chat with Simon and persuades him to do his A-levels before thinking about joining the navy. Leanne is delighted over the results of Nick’s intervention, but she may not be smiling for long.

5. Elsa takes matters into her own hands

Determined to celebrate the good news about Simon staying put, Leanne heads off to the Corner Shop and buys a bottle of wine. Her chat with Tracy gets overheard by Elsa, who’s intrigued over what’s going on.

Back at the flat, Nick and Leanne enjoy a night of passion, just as the buzzer goes. That can’t be good, right?

6. Nick’s dilemma comes to a head

Ben Price has confirmed that Nick’s troubles reach a climax thanks to Elsa seizing control of the situation. Realising that he’ll have to change tactics, Nick tells Leanne that he hasn’t been entirely honest with her.

Ben confirmed: “It all finally comes together for Nick and Leanne, but Elsa is in town and spots him with Leanne and decides to find out what is going on.

“This is the point where Nick has to come clean, but he won’t come completely clean. He will drip feed the info he wants to until he is cornered. He has started to believe his own version of events, as that is the version that suits him. He is quite Machiavellian in that respect.”

7. Leanne makes her decision

Once Leanne knows that Nick has been lying to her, she may well have second thoughts over her decision to trust him again.

Jane Danson and Ben Price’s recent interviews have hinted towards a permanent reunion for their two characters, but there’ll definitely be some major obstacles standing in their way. Can Leanne forgive Nick for treating her like a fool yet again?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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