7 reasons Emmerdale should bring back Adam Thomas as Adam Barton

Emmerdale‘s Adam Barton is the talk of the village at the moment. That’s not bad going, since he hasn’t actually been in the show for ten months.

Adam Thomas’s popular character bowed out in January, taking the rap for Emma Barton’s murder to protect his mum Moira. Now that Victoria knows the truth about what happened, she’s spent the past few weeks determined to be reunited with her estranged husband.

Despite Adam being mentioned in every other scene, there’s been no word on a comeback for Moira’s absent son. But here’s why we’re hoping that “Adam Thomas is returning!” announcement will come sooner or later…

1. Soap justice

It used to be a golden rule of soap that no misdeed went without punishment in the end, but with multiple murderers strolling happily around Soapland these days, the lines have become a little bit blurred.

While we’re not keen to lose the fantastic Natalie J Robb as Moira, it would be pretty frustrating if the wider village and the police never found out that Adam is actually completely innocent in Emma’s murder case.

Plus, with soap prison sentences always suspiciously short for popular characters, maybe Natalie can just go on a nice extended holiday for a few months? And perhaps the Emmerdale police can mysteriously overlook the fact that Adam’s been perverting the course of justice for the past year…

2. Aaron needs a friend

Okay, so Emmerdale did have a habit of occasionally forgetting Aaron and Adam’s friendship even when they were still in the show together, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t missed the pair of them sharing scenes.

It’s been another eventful year for Aaron but he’s lacked a best mate to confide in during the highs and lows of his life, from the Robron wedding, to Liv being jailed and the occasional kidnap drama.

Perhaps Robert and Aaron could even recreate their wedding since poor old Adam has missed out on witnessing his pal get hitched twice now. Third time’s the charm, right?

3. There’s unfinished business with Victoria

Ever since Victoria discovered that her hubby isn’t a ruthless killer, she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him and all of the time they’ve missed out on. This week, she even hired a dodgy PI in the hope that she could track him down, although she now appears to have finally backed down.

Victoria’s romantic options are pretty limited in such a small village and there’s been a mixed response to her possible connection with Matty, as some viewers seem to prefer them as friends. Maybe Adam should come back and give Vic some much-needed happiness instead?

4. There’s lots to explore with Matty

Speaking of Matty, the introduction of Ash Palmisciano in the role has been a big success for Emmerdale, but it’s a shame that we haven’t had Adam in the Barton mix to be part of the storyline. We saw that Moira struggled to accept Matty’s transition and Cain was pretty easy-going, so it’d be interesting to see Adam’s reaction too.

We reckon there’s endless stories that could be told with the Barton brothers – starting off with Adam’s reaction to those Matty/Victoria kisses, first of all. As always with the Bartons, though, they’d no doubt be much stronger as a united force than fighting each other.

5. His family needs support

Ten months ago, the Bartons were concerned with one killer cover-up, but (thanks to the need for a shock Emmerdale death every October) they’ve quickly moved on to another. Cain is currently plagued by guilt as he believes that he’s responsible for the demise of Joe Tate, which is expected to be a long-running story for the show.

Adam certainly knows how to keep a secret, so maybe he could become a surprise confidant for Cain? And sorry Cain, we can’t see Adam helpfully taking the blame for this one…

6. The Bartons are dropping like flies

John, Holly, James, Emma and Finn have all been killed off in recent years and we know that Ross will be leaving soon too. Hopefully not in a coffin, as we can’t deal with much more heartache.

Either way though, that’s a lot of Bartons who have been dispatched and there’s a danger of them becoming less of a force in the show. There’s always the option of inventing some new ones who spring up out of nowhere (it works with the ever-replenishing McQueens in Hollyoaks), but inviting back Adam Thomas would be even better in our book.

7. They keep mentioning him

Well, why else? While it can be annoying when soap characters get forgotten as soon as they leave, mentioning them on a daily basis can also be a risky move as we’re constantly reminded why we miss the person in question.

We’ve heard so much about Adam in recent episodes that it’s clear how many connections he still has and just how easily he’d fit back into the village. Well, once all of those awkward legal predicaments are sorted out, of course.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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