9-1-1's Final Episode on Fox Puts 'The Entire 118' on Death's Door — Watch

Only one episode remains before the 118 officially makes the jump from Fox to ABC — that is, if the squad can survive Monday’s 9-1-1 season finale (8/7c).

TVLine has an exclusive first look at the game-changing hour, which finds Lucy placing a devastating call to the dispatch center, informing them that “the entire 118” is down. That’s right, the entire 118 is in grave, mortal danger. Must be another day that ends in “y.”

Monday’s finale also features an appearance by a character “that we met many seasons ago, and this unexpected person will return in a way that I think is kind of cool,” executive producer Kristen Reidel teased to TVLine earlier this year. That prophecy is finally coming to fruition. (No, it’s not Abby.)

Factoring in the events of last week’s episode, the finale has plenty of ground to cover — Maddie and Chimney are newly, officially engaged; Buck’s relationship Talia fizzled out when she saw how complicated his life is; and Eddie had a fateful run-in with Marisol, among other developments.

Hit PLAY on the video above for your exclusive first look at Monday’s 9-1-1 finale, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Are you glad to have Lucy back? Which member of the 118 are you most nervous about? And what do you hope to see in this final episode on Fox?

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