A Place in the Sun boss left screaming for help after sinking down to chest in horror quicksand accident

A PLACE in the Sun's boss was left screaming for help after sinking down to their chest in a horror quicksand accident.

The Channel 4 show has filmed in some glorious locations over the years but there have been times when the crew have faced danger.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, presenter Scarlette Douglas recalled one terrifying incident on the Italian island of Sicily.

Scarlette was working with a producer called Chris and preparing to film a segment on a seaweed covered beach.

She said: "From afar it looked like a beach with dry seaweed."

"We all go to stand in our spot and we just hear Chris saying, 'Help, help.'

"I turned around and where he stood was like an area of quicksand. It was quick seaweed and he just started dropping down."

The cheeky star admitted: "[Chris] was trying to hold the camera up but was literally up to his chest in seaweed. I'm cracking up and I get my phone out and I start filming."

Meanwhile other crew members reached out to save the equipment before Chris.

Scarlette continued: "The other camera guy goes and grabs the camera in the sand. We're all laughing.

"And Chris asked, 'Can you actually help me out?'"

Thankfully Chris escaped unscathed from the surprising incident.

Scarlette said: "He's completely soaked in wet seaweed from the bottom and there are dried bits of seaweed everywhere else. It was absolutely hilarious.

"That is probably one of the best blunders and every time we see each other we laugh and remember the seaweed moment."

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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