A Place in the Sun's Jonnie Irwin forced to step in as guests clash over townhouse's bedrooms

A PLACE in the Sun’s Jonnie Irwin was forced to step in and keep the peace as two guests clashed over a townhouse’s bedrooms. 

The Channel 4 presenter, 47, was joined by sun-seeker Lisa and her daughter Jordan as they tried to find a holiday home in the Spanish region of Andalucia. 

The pair had a budget of £75,000 to spend on a two-bedroom town house and wanted somewhere with access to lots of cafes and bars, and also included an outdoor space on their wish list. 

After seeing four unsuitable properties, Lisa and Jordan were overjoyed to see the last townhouse which was on the market for £76,600.

They even told Jonnie he had “nailed” their specifications.

The three-bedroom residence in Almáchar had everything they wanted and more, however, the women couldn’t agree on who would get which bedroom. 

Sensing a row, the presenter told the squabbling pair: “I think we should get the arguments out the way,” as Jordan said she wanted the more spacious room.

As the two went to look at the other bedrooms and features, Jonnie called after them: “If I hear squabbling there will be trouble.”

After some inspection, Jordan told the relieved presenter that she would have liked the second bedroom they looked at, meaning mother Lisa could claim the first.

All arguments avoided. 

Despite the positive affirmations the pair made about the stunning townhouse, Lisa and Jordan revealed to Jonnie the next day that they wouldn’t be buying any of them and would continue their search on their own.

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