A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton mortified as dress 'pops open' in live-stream wardrobe malfunction

A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton almost lost her dress in a wardrobe malfunction during the live stream of her new series.

The presenter was preparing the introduction for her Instagram Live series Britain's Got Talent star La Voix when she had the mishap.

Birds with Baggage is a “twice weekly, fun, entertaining show” which she presents with her drag queen pal La Voix.

Laura hosts the IGTV series from her home and revealed her white and black polka dot strapless dress split open just as they were going live.

“You are not going to believe what happened!" Laura told her co-host before they'd even had a chance to kickstart the show.

“Literally, okay, as I was about to start the music and stand up, the dress, the zip, has popped open!”

The real estate guru then stood up to show how the back of her dress had a hole in it and had split down the back.

La Voix couldn't help but burst into laughter and then revealed she'd also had a mini-panic before starting the show.

She explained: “Just before we went live, my computer decided to do an update and said I’ve got eight minutes left!

“And I’ve got no voice today!”

Laura replied: “I’ve got a dress that’s falling apart and you’ve got no voice.

“I think we’ve been doing this for long enough and we need a break!”

The Channel 4 presenter then admitted: “I’m just going to have to sit here now for the rest of our Live and if I can just subtly try to…”

She tried to fix her dress but realised it was to no avail: “I can’t! I can’t undo my dress and redo it! No!”

“It’s not going to fall down is it?” La Voix asked.

“No, it’s not going to fall down," Laura replied.

“But it’s not ideal – my first wardrobe malfunction!”

Laura's no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions, admitting recently that just three weeks after giving birth she returned to work and struggled to cover up her leaking breast milk.

The telly presenter, had to then fill in show bosses as to what was happening because she could no longer hide the stains on her dress.

“I’ve been a part of the show for nine years now, and it’s been an incredible journey," she told Scott McGlynn Celebrity SkinCare King on his IGTV show, Celebrity Skin Talk.

“I travelled with my daughter when she was three-weeks old and I was filming. I went back to work and I was breastfeeding.

"And on camera, I had to say to the director ‘my left boob is about to start leaking milk’.

“And it did. And for the rest of the section, I had to cover my boobs with my arms to try and hide it.”

Hamilton is mum to Rocco, seven, and Tahlia, five, and has hosted the popular Channel 4 show which helps couple relocate to new homes abroad.

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