Alien Worlds Netflix release date: How many episodes are in Alien Worlds?

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Documentary Alien Worlds will be coming to Netflix in December and looks at the age-old question whether there is alien life. There have been supposed countless sightings of UFOs on Earth but what about alien worlds outside this planet? has the lowdown on the fascinating new factual series coming to the streaming platform.

How many episodes are in Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, December 4.

There are four episodes in the documentary series, which will be dropped in one go on the service globally.

Over the last 20 years, scientists have discovered thousands of planets outside of our own solar system which prompts the question of alien life.

The show will see scientists combining research about distant planets and looking at Earth’s ecosystems in a bid to imagine what life could be like on other planets.

Scientists believe there is life beyond our solar system and the cosmos teeming with alien species and aliens waiting to be discovered.

Using impressive CGI and knowledge about animal and plant species on Earth, a group of scientists will be looking to build up a picture of alien life.

Audiences will glimpse strange-looking creatures inspired by those from our own planet.

Although the documentary is speculative, it aims to shed light accurately on how alien life could look out in the universe.

Alien Worlds is being billed as a documentary but undoubtedly does stray into science fiction as scientists try to predict how alien life works and behaves based only on creatures from Earth.

Netflix also recently dropped a trailer for Alien Worlds which teases how extra-terrestrials could be journeying towards Earth to contact the human race.

A voiceover says: “There are countless planets throughout the universe.

“Astronomers think it’s only a matter of time before some alien lifeforms are discovered.

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“By applying the laws of life on Earth, it possible to imagine what could live on alien worlds.”

The narrator goes on to ask: “How might life adapt on a different world?

“Perhaps there’s an alien civilization already headed for Earth.”

The trailer ends dramatically with the voiceover concluding: “What sort of alien life might exist in the vastness of space?”

Viewers can expect a viewing experience which taps into the wonder of a David Attenborough nature documentary with a spin on it thanks to some impressive graphics.

In fact, there will also be some beautiful footage of the natural world as well.

There is also commentary from scientists and experts during the series to shed further insight.

One expert says: “When a bird thinks he’s got the advantage, that’s when the wings will get tucked in.”

The trailer for Alien Worlds was released back in November 14 and has already garnered much interest.

The teaser promo has received nearly two million such is the continued intrigue and interest surrounding the topic of alien life.

Alien Worlds will be released on Netflix on December 2

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