All Creatures Great and Small’s Tristan star opens up on ‘horrific’ injuries

All Creatures Great and Small: Season two trailer

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All Creatures Great and Small has returned to Channel 5 with season two and more adventures of James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph). The period drama follows young trainee vet James, as he kick starts his career in Darrowby, Yorkshire. However, this means viewers often see animals with nasty injuries on the programme. Actor Callum Woodhouse, who plays Tristan Farnon in the drama series, has revealed how it all works behind the scenes.

Season two of All Creatures Great and Small has already begun and viewers are seeing Tristan have a lot of interaction with farm animals.

Speaking about some of the animals he acted alongside in the series, Callum recalled one was particularly large.

Highlighting the creature that stuck in his memory, the actor remarked: “Buttercup was a really, really big pig!”

Callum went on to praise the crew working on All Creatures Great and Small for making a boil on Buttercup the pig look so realistic.

“I don’t know if it was the make-up or prosthetic department, but they did an amazing job of this boil on the pig’s head, which was absolutely horrific,” he said.

The actor confessed he saw some gruesome special effects while working on the hit drama.

But it’s not all bad, as Callum made it clear he doesn’t mind working with animals and actually quite enjoys doing so.

He explained: “It’s always such a pleasure whenever we have to do anything with the animals, because our animal handlers are just so unbelievably good on this show.

“As the series goes on Tris does more and more stuff with the live animals, similar to the type of work James does a lot of the time.

“Being the one in the prime, crucial position in those scenes for the first time was a real thrill,” he added.

As well as seeing Tristan get to grips with some large farm animals, the new season will also see James return from a trip home.

However, Tristan and James aren’t the only characters back in the second season of the Channel 5 period drama.

Familiar faces Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) and Audrey Hall (Anna Madeley) also feature in the new episodes.

Helen Alderson (Rachel Shelton) is also back, after James opened up about his feelings towards her in the Christmas special.

In the season two trailer James is heard telling Helen he missed her while he was away.

Could this mean the pair will grow closer in the new season, forming a romantic bond?

However, there is one big change in the cast of season two as Patricia Hodge has joined.

The well known actress was hired to take over the role of Mrs Pumphrey after the original actress Dame Diana Rigg sadly passed away last year.

Fans of the drama can expect to see Mrs Pumphrey feature in the new episodes alongside her iconic Pekingese, Tricki Woo.

All Creatures Great and Small airs Thursdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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