American Gods star says losing original showrunners after season one was "terrifying"

American Gods‘ second season seems to have been somewhat cursed, with original cast members and showrunners leaving the fray.

Thankfully, it seems to be on track now, with a new trailer dropping last week that looked pretty encouraging for fans of the Neil Gaiman adaptation.

However, star Emily Browning has admitted that losing original showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green last year was a “terrifying” moment.

“If you had spoken to me about it a few months ago, I would have been in a very different place with it,” Emily, who plays Laura Moon, told TV Guide.

“I think we were all nervous at the beginning. Just being totally honest, we all loved Michael and Bryan, and it was their vision, and losing them was terrifying.”

Yet she revealed she had seen rough cuts of the first few season two episodes, continuing: “Chris Byrne was our second unit director last season and is now a producing director and is the f***ing hero of American Gods. The way that the show looks was always him, and it’s still him.”

“We obviously had a huge road bump,” she added. “But I feel like we’re going to give you guys something really cool.”

Following Fuller and Green’s exits, it was revealed that Gillian Anderson had also left the show, the series losing arguably its most high-profile star. That was all followed by new showrunner Jesse Alexander quitting, too.

It was not all bad news, however, as the departures have meant that Gaiman has taken a more central role in season 2.

The author has now explained a bit about where things stand, saying (via Den of Geek): “The plan going in was to make five seasons, and it seems to be actually running according to plan, currently.”

Gaiman added: “Lakeside was going to be season 3, and that’s where we’ll be going in season 3. Meanwhile, Cairo, Illinois and the House On The Rock are in season 2. We wanted to go there this season and that’s exactly what we did. So that’s the current plan.”

“The tale can grow in the telling, and there are more characters and more things to be done. There are also stories that were written that weren’t just in the novel.

“There’s ‘The Monarch of the Glen’, ‘Black Dog’, the others that came after that. There’s also a whole other novel as well, so it may keep going.”

American Gods is available to view on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. Season two is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2019.

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