Amy Slaton thought sister Tammy was ‘joking’ about her engagement

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton tells her family she’s engaged

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TLC’s official Instagram shared a first-look teaser clip for this week’s episode of 1000lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton could be seen breaking the news to her sisters Amy and Amanda of her engagement to Caleb Willingham. However, Tammy didn’t receive the reaction she wanted.

The latest episode of 1000lb Sisters saw half of the Slaton duo, Tammy, announce to her family that she was engaged.

Speaking in a confessional before breaking the news, she explained: “I’m going to tell my family, your girl’s engaged.

“I don’t know how they’re going to react, but I really hope they’re going to be happy. I’m nervous.”

In the following scene, Tammy told her sisters the news over a FaceTime call whilst they were at a family gathering.

Tammy could be heard saying: “You know I’ve been talking to this guy Caleb.” All before nervously adding that “he asked me to marry him”.

After they heard the news, Amy and Amanda were seemingly horrified as they sat there together in silence.

Amanda eventually broke the silence saying: “I mean I had saw on social media that you had a boyfriend but that was just a couple of weeks ago.”

Amy added: “How long have you known this guy?” to which Tammy hesitantly said: “I’ve been with Caleb for a month now.”

Half-sister Amanda pointed out: “Moving kind of quick ain’t ya?”

And when her sisters thought it couldn’t get any more shocking, Tammy revealed she was going to marry Caleb in just two weeks’ time.

In a confessional, Amanda, who used to be married to the brother of Amy’s estranged husband Michael Halterman, exclaimed: “Two weeks away. Are you kidding me? Why rush anything?

“I mean I would definitely like to know your first, middle, and last name before my sister goes and takes your last name.”

In another confessional clip, Amy added: “What the f**k? I honestly thought Tammy was joking because she wants to marry a total stranger.

“But then again, she’s always loved hard and loved fast. There was one guy she told him she loved him too an hour after they met.

“I used to be the same way. But I grew up.”

Despite not initially supporting her sister’s quick engagement, Amy was by her sister’s side for the wedding.

Their nuptials will be featured on an upcoming episode of the reality show.

It comes after Tammy met Caleb during her time at a rehab facility in Ohio last year, which later resulted in them getting engaged three weeks later.

The reality star then announced their marriage to fans via a video on social media.

But following Caleb’s revelation of him “stalking” Tammy on social media, fans branded him “creepy”.

1000-Lb. Sisters continues Tuesdays on TLC in the US.

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