Amy Walsh reveals Tracy’s sad exit scenes in Emmerdale

Amy Walsh will temporarily leave Emmerdale to go on maternity leave, following the recent birth of her first child with Toby-Alexander Smith from EastEnders.

For her character Tracy, she’s been through a lot in recent months.

After battling post-natal depression, Tracy faced more emotional moments when it was revealed partner Nate (Jurell Carter) had slept with Fiona, Vanessa’s (Michelle Hardwick) girlfriend.

Right now, the village isn’t a happy place for Tracy, which leads her to deciding it’s time for a break, as Amy Walsh explains.

‘The village has got a lot of pain for her, and she just needs a break away from it. Nate’s instinctive reaction is fear. He reacts on fear, talks her out of it and undermines her confidence. I think it comes from a place of not maliciousness, but it’s quite manipulative and conniving, as it’s all about breaking her down. But it comes from a place of fear, so he plays that card.

‘Vanessa plays stroppy sister – quite a selfish mindset. It’s because they all love her so much and they probably do think she’s not strong enough to take on this massive role and lifestyle change, but it gets under her skin and plays on her insecurities on the subject. Charity steps in and gives her some strength back’.

Strong enough and ready for a new chapter, Tracy is offered a job in Nottingham.

‘She’s invited to speak at a seminar about postnatal depression, about her experiences’, Amy adds.

‘At the end of the session, she’s asked if she’d be interested in joining the charity with the experience she’s had first-hand. Her first instinct is that she’s not trained, how can she possibly give anything back? But her overriding desire to help others comes to the forefront and she’s really passionate about people knowing they can get through it, and that’s what drives her forward in leaving the village and Nate, and taking Frankie.

‘It’s a chance for her to help other people, and she feels like she could be good at it, and she needs that’.

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