Animal Park's Kate Humble brands Ben Fogle 'old and incontinent' as they clash in the car

ANIMAL Park's Kate Humble branded Ben Fogle 'old and incontinent' as they clashed in the car.

Fans of the BBC show recently got to enjoy a repeat of its Summer Special from 2019, which saw hosts Kate and Ben riding in a car together.

Within minutes the pair were throwing cheeky jibes at each other as they headed to Longleat Safari Park, where the show is filmed.

Ben asked Kate, who was driving if they were nearly there, and she replied: "Yes we’ll be there in a few minutes, stop moaning!”

Ben said: "Hurry up! I can't wait!" and Kate said with a laugh: "You've only just been!"

Ben replied: "No, I can’t wait to get there" to which Kate jibed: "Oh, I thought you were just old and incontinent!”

The Summer Special saw Kate, 52, and Ben, 47, prepare to welcome some new animals to the park.

The synopsis read: "Five southern koalas were set to become the very first of their kind in Europe.

But this groundbreaking mission, more than two years in the planning, was fraught with difficulties.

“Koalas have never been flown this far in just one leg. Would they survive the epic 15,000km journey?

“They’re notoriously fussy eaters so has the team picked the correct types out of hundreds of varieties of eucalyptus?

“If the famous five turn their noses up, the park is in trouble.”

Animal Park is available on BBC iPlayer.

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