Apprentice star informs viewers he is a tax advisor who ‘writes fantasy fiction’

There was good news and bad news in the boardroom tonight for East Yorkshire’s premier Arthur Atkinson lookalike David Alden.

The bad news was that he was fired by Alan Sugar – and this year the losers don’t even have the consolation prize of a possible slot on Celebrity Big Brother to ease the pain.

The good news was that David did at least manage to inform five million potential employers that he is a tax advisor that “enjoys writing fantasy fiction.”

I can think of a few companies who would love to have someone with those attributes working on their HMRC submissions – and a few celebrities as well, for that matter.

As is often the case in the early stages of This Process, there was no real reason why David was booted out ahead of several equally deserving contestants.

Truth is, Sugar would have probably been better off asking a bunch of actual 8-12 year old kids to create a new children’s comic for him.

Of course, that would not have resulted in the kind of cringefest we witnessed tonight.

Let’s face it, that’s the only reason anyone watches this show anymore.

That said, given the semi-literate bilge that pumps out of his Twitter feed on an hourly basis I thought it was a bit rich of Sugar to chide the girls for making so many grammatical errors in their comic.

Likewise, his dismay at the lack of originality displayed by the boys in their intergalactic fantasy epic, Benji’s Space Adventures.

That’s Alan Sugar.

Who, for next week’s task, has challenged the teams to create and bake their own range of donuts.

Why not just stick them in a tent with Mary, Mel & Sue and have done with it, Al?

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