Aston Merrygold reflects on his Strictly Come Dancing elimination ahead of Christmas special return

Aston Merrygold provided one of the biggest shocks of last year’s Strictly Come Dancing when he was eliminated halfway through the competition.

One of the early frontrunners in 2017, the JLS singer now has a chance to prove himself again when he appears in the 2018 Strictly Christmas special.

However, he has reflected on his exit over a year on, telling Metro: “It’s that thing isn’t, someone has to go.

“Out of all of them, it was the worst week. If you’re judging it on me solely, then it was my worst week. It’s just one of those things that you take on the chin.”

He also admitted of his competitive nature: “Even in the series I was there to win, I never want to go into anything like, ‘I’m just here to take part’. It’s a competition and I want to win.

“From when I was younger, sport was my thing. You go into games to win and that mentality has always been with me and I’ll do anything to the best of my ability to get to the top spot.”

As for the Christmas special, Aston continued: “So I’m going into this like, ‘Yeah, of course I’d like to win,’ but at the same time it’s nice to come back and not have any pressure like I had before.

“People have this perception of, you’re a really good dancer so you win it, but if that’s what you feel, it’s what you feel.

“Dance is so opinionated. I could go out there and be the best dancer on Strictly and the judges could be like, ‘Oh, it was alright, but you didn’t do this’.”

Aston will be joining the likes of Caroline Flack, Anita Rani, Jake Wood and Ann Widdecombe in the Strictly Christmas special.

Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturdays and Sundays on BBC One.

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