Awkward moment Towie's Demi Sims introduces Canadian girlfriend to Chloe – and she thinks 'Nanny Linda' is a restaurant

TOO Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago suffered an awkward moment as she met her Towie girlfriend's family for the first time.

The Canadian, 27, thought "Nanny Linda" was a restaurant as Demi Sims' sisters Chloe and Frankie suggested she needed to try a roast dinner.

The amusing moment will air on The Only Way Is Essex tomorrow night as Demi introduces Francesca to her life in Essex.

"Welcome to Essex," said Chloe.

Frankie asked: "Were you nervous to meet us?"

Francesca told Demi's sisters: "A little bit, but you guys feel like family."

Chloe reminded her: "We are."

Demi, 24, moved the conversation on, saying she'd been trying to teach her girlfriend some Essex slang after she moved over from Canada.

"You proper mugged me off, bruv." said Francesca, as she gave the accent a go.

The conversation moved onto what English foods Francesca should try, with Chloe suggesting: "She needs to have a roast from Nanny Linda's, as soon as you're allowed."

"Is this a restaurant?", asked Francesca.

The group burst into laughter as they explained it was the sisters' nan – and she makes a delicious roast dinner.

Demi and Francesca have enjoyed a whirlwind romance after Demi slid into Francesca's Instagram DMs.

They finally confirmed their romance in a sexy Instagram snap back in January when fans began to speculate that the two women were dating after spotting flirty comments on social media.

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