Barbara Windsor's emotional husband Scott Mitchell reveals he's mortified when he loses his patience with the dementia stricken icon

Scott, 55, struggled to hold back the tears as he spoke about caring for the actress, 81, and admitted he is left feeling "mortified" when he occasionally loses his patience with her.

Asked how he's coping with caring for his wife of 18 years, Scott confessed: "I'm learning as I go along because I never know what's going to come next.

"I've learned different things and different techniques of handling things. Most people who are caring for someone with the disease will find the repetitive nature of it hard.

"Sometimes it's hard to keep that calmness in your voice. To not show that you're slightly irritated, as much as you love someone."

He continued: "You get to that point where you've had your day and you've got your stuff going on and sometimes you show it and I feel mortified after.

"She won't remember what I've said but she'll remember how I've made her feel."

Despite the hardships the couple face, Scott said he was overwhelmed by all the support the pair have received.

He gushed: "It's been amazing. I really want to thank everyone so much because the love and affection and understanding…

"Not everyone comes up to her but when they do, she loves it."

Scott also confessed that Barbara called him when he arrived at the ITV Studios to ask where he had gone, despite telling him to "send the Loose Women her love" when he set off hours earlier.

He admitted: "She said, 'Where are you? What are you doing?'"

Despite her condition, which was diagnosed four years ago, Scott added that Barbara is still very much the performer she always was, and quipped that just recently she was "shimmying down the aisle in the supermarket".

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