BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt red-faced after Naga Munchetty’s ‘be nice’ warning

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BBC Breakfast co-host Charlie Stayt was left red-faced on Thursday, after a stern warning from Naga Munchetty.

The pair were sitting down on the red sofa to discuss the issue of sustainable fashion in relation to clothing giant Boohoo.

Sean Farrington of the Wake Up To Money podcast was live in the studio to present the segment, and, speaking after the VT, he said: "You can hear the full interview, we've got a special edition on my Wake Up To Money podcast that's available on BBC Sounds."

Naga quickly paid Sean a compliment, admitting: "Always worth listening, because you do take us through things very, very well, if I may say so!"

"Thank you very much," Sean responded. "BBC Sounds – get it."

As Naga thanked Sean for coming, Charlie chipped in: "Come and see us again sometime, Sean. Always welcome here!"

Sean cheekily responded: "I'll think about it."

Naga couldn't help but share a giggle at the exchange, warning Charlie: "You'll have to be nicer to him than you have been today."

Turning to correspondent John Maguire, Naga continued the joke as she said: "Let's be nice to John Maguire in Plymouth!"

It comes shortly after Naga was accused of 'badgering' a guest during an intense radio interview.

Academic Sir David King appeared on Naga's BBC Radio 5 programme, and accused her of "badgering" him with her questions.

Discussing climate change on the show, David explained: "To buy time, we are looking at how we can rapidly re-freeze the artic and recreate ice over the artic sea during the polar summer."

Cutting him off abruptly Naga asked: "Can that be done this year?"

A taken aback David responded: "It won't be done this year, no, no."

Naga then asked: "When can it be done by?"

The academic responded: "I think we will be doing it in five years time, I mean Naga you're badgering me with these questions."

A stressed out Naga snapped: "Well no I'm not badgering, I'm scared actually. If I'm being honest, I'm scared.

"And I think parents are scared. You know I'm 46 there's a limited time I've got here but if I was the parent of someone 46 years younger, I would be scared and frustrated and angry that things can't be done."

The BBC Breakfast host added: "And I'm not badgering you, I'm genuinely curious."

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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