BBC News airs huge blunder as host wrongly claims Huw Edwards has resigned

BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth has apologised after wrongly claiming that Huw Edwards has resigned from the BBC after he was suspended from the broadcaster amid sex pic allegations.

Raworth made an error on Wednesday's (July 12) BBC News at Six, where she broke news that Huw's wife had named him as the presenter accused of paying a teen for explicit photos.

However, Raworth swiftly corrected herself while speaking to BBC colleagues Dominic Casciani and Katie Razzall.

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Sophie said: "Good evening. Well, in the last few minutes, the presenter has been named as Huw Edwards, the man who has been accused of paying a teenager for explicit photos, and he has said he is resigning."

"I'm joined now by our media editor, Katie Razzall, and Dominic Casciani, who is our legal correspondent," she continued.

Katie went on: "This will come as a huge shock to viewers. We've received a statement within the last few minutes from Vicki Flint, who is Huw Edwards' wife.

"She named him as the BBC presenter facing allegations and mentioned that her husband is suffering from serious mental health issues.

"Currently, he is receiving inpatient hospital care, where he will stay for the foreseeable future. She requested privacy for her family."

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"As we've been reporting for days on the BBC now, there has been speculation ever since The Sun began to report on the presenter, and we haven't been able to name him. But this news will be such a shock to viewers because…"

Sophie quickly interrupted Katie to issue an apology over her comment about Huw resigning, as she realised that Huw had not in fact resigned.

"I must correct something as well because this is all breaking the last few minutes," Sophie said as she apologised for her mistake.

"He has not resigned. He has been named by his wife, he has not resigned."

Katie proceeded to explain: "He has been named by his wife and he is in a hospital suffering serious mental health issues.

"It's a huge shock to all of us here at the BBC News and of course, to announce this and that this has come in the last few moments, but you're right, we've heard nothing about a resignation."

The BBC presenter has been accused of allegedly paying a teenager thousands of pounds for sexually explicit pictures starting from when they were 17.

Huw’s wife also shared that her husband was "suffering from serious mental health issues" and is now "receiving in-patient hospital care where he will stay for the foreseeable future" as she asked for privacy for her family.

Ms Flind further said that once her husband was "well enough to do so" he intends to respond to the allegations, which she says he was first told about last Thursday.

The Metropolitan Police revealed said there was "no information to indicate that a criminal offence has been committed".

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