BBC News shares Britain’s rudest place names before making cheeky sexual jokes

BBC News has discussed some of Britain's rudest place names before moving on to some sexual jokes on the programme.

Journalists Christian Fraser was trying to test colleague Katty Kay on her geography knowledge and asked if she could recognise any of the rudest place names.

Christian went on and said: "Happy Bottom."

Katty replied: "It sounds almost too good to be true. I'm gonna go with real because you're not gonna put a fake one first."

And she was correct, as Christian said Happy Bottom is a little hamlet in Windborn in Dorset.

He then carried on to the next one, asking if "Farton Green" is a real place.

It was quickly rejected by Katty as she explained: "There's no way that's real."

The third one – Brokenwind – left Katty laughing in hysterics on camera.

She added: "That can't be true."

"Brokenwind is a little hamlet in Aberdeenshire, Scotland," Christian detailed.

The duo then moved on to other places outside the UK and turned it into some cheeky sexual innuendos.

Christian said: "There is a town in Georgia called Climax, which I discounted from my list. We are just after the watershed."

But Katty responded and added: "If you go to Pennsylvania, you can go from Intercourse to Paradise, they're about 20 miles apart."

The pair could not stop laughing during the live broadcast but the segment ended as Christian concluded: "I was going to keep Climax off my list because we are just after the watershed and I didn't want to get there too early."

The clip was picked up by eagle-eyed viewers who then shared it on Twitter.

One wrote: "I'll take anything that's non-corona news these days… fair play Christian Fraser!" adding a hashtag which read "Happy Bottom".

"This was the best thing I saw on TV yesterday," another viewer penned, also adding the cheeky place name as a hashtag to their tweet.

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