Beyond Paradise star hints at Martha and Humphrey break-up

Beyond Paradise: Martha tells Humphrey about not wanting children

BBC staple Death in Paradise remains a firm favourite with viewers, and its highly anticipated spin-off Beyond Paradise has seen Kris Marshall and Sally Brenton reprising their roles as iconic characters Humphrey Goodman and Martha Lloyd. The happy couple left the island of Saint Marie back in 2017, but sadly it seems things haven’t been so simple for them since they began their new life together. Now one star has hinted things could get even worse for the pair.

The couple have been living with Martha’s mother, Anne Lloyd (played by Barbara Flynn), and it seems they’ve had their relationship put to the test recently.

Barbara detailed the couple’s struggle and hinted they could be set to split up soon.

When asked about Anne’s relationship with Humphrey, she explained: “Anne’s relationship with Humphrey is not as plain sailing as, ‘Oh, my goodness me, this man is in love with my daughter, I’m going to open my gate.’

“She finds him rather bewildering and astonishingly… tall! In a way, in this first series, the relationship between the mother-in-law – if indeed they do marry and stay together – is not totally decided. It’s a discovery, it’s nice and really enjoyable.”

With the wedding “not decided,” it seems safe to assume the two might consider a break up.

Martha tragically lost her baby at the start of the series, and decided to stop trying for another following the heartache she experienced.

Humphrey was supportive of Martha, but a love triangle has also ensued in the series.

Martha’s ex-finance Archie Hughes (Jamie Bamber) is on the scene, which is causing friction in her and Humphrey’s relationship.

Could viewers soon see the two splitting up instead of walking down the aisle?

Detailing what Beyond Paradise has in store for her character ahead of the series launching, Martha star Sally also suggested the pair will be put through a difficult journey.

“Since Martha and Humphrey left Saint Marie – obviously we had that lovely romantic reunion – but she went back to run a restaurant in central London, which would have been quite a step up for her at the time,” she explained.

“That would have been intense and then Humphrey joined the Metropolitan Police.

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“I imagine that was very frantic and fast-paced, but also very exciting because they got engaged and they’re together – they love each other very much.

“When Martha loses her dad, it’s a moment of reflection, a chance to pause and to reassess what she wants and how she wants her life to be.”

Could Martha decide she wants to focus her efforts away from her relationship with Humphrey?

Beyond Paradise airs on Fridays on BBC One at 8pm.

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