Big Brother housemate Kenaley's winning Gamechanger streak is now OVER

Big Brother‘s new Gamechanger challenge has undoubtedly had a pretty spotty track record in the three weeks it’s been going.

The twist designed to reboot the eviction process by giving nominated housemates a chance to save themselves was an over-complicated mess with multiple restarts in Week 1, but thankfully producers simplified, simplified and simplified last week to salvage the game.

This week, Lewis F and Akeem were nominated by their fellow housemates to face Friday’s eviction, while Kenaley came bottom of the public vote and was therefore nominated too.

This was bad news for Lewis F and Akeem because Kenaley was undefeated going into the Gamechanger, which was a domino challenge appropriately called Total Domination. Playing alongside the nominees were Sian, Zoe and Cian.

The rules specified that each housemate would be rushing to become the first to build a sequence of standing dominos where one single chain reaction toppled the final hinged domino, thus pressing a buzzer.

It was easier said than done! Cian found out when his attempt to knock down his stack failed and Akeem suffered a similar fate moments later as his domino stack barely made it out of the gates.

Working slowly and steadily throughout it all was Lewis F, who kept an uncharacteristically level head to win the challenge and officially end Kenaley’s winning streak. Obviously, Lewis F chose to save himself for eviction.

“There’s people in here who don’t want to live with me, but obviously there’s people that do,” he told the house. “I want to keep spending time with them.”

Lewis F saving himself means the eviction nominees will be Akeem and Kenaley when Emma Willis returns live on Friday night. Who leaves? You decide…

Big Brother continues on Thursday (October 11) at 10pm on Channel 5, followed by Bit on the Side at 11.05pm.

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