black-ish: The Johnson Family Stands Proud in Season 5 Cast Photo

The Johnsons look pretty good for 100, don’t they?

In the exclusive black-ish cast photo above, the series’ central family strikes a pose  — and sports some rather awesome slogans (Zoey and Devante, we’re looking at you) — in advance of the ABC comedy’s Season 5 premiere (Tuesday, Oct. 16, 9/8c).

The coming season will include a major milestone: black-ish‘s 100th episode, which executive producer Jonathan Groff tells TVLine will be “incredibly special” and which will include a musical component “which will showcase our whole cast in ways we’ve never seen them.”

But before then, the premiere will focus on Junior’s decision to take a gap year, a choice that throws Dre and Bow for a major loop. And then in the Oct. 23 episode, titled “Don’t You Be My Neighbor,” Dre becomes fond of calling the cops over inconsequential neighborhood issues after the neighbors choose to rent their home out to strangers, Airbnb-style.

As previously reported, the season also will contain an installment that examines grief through Bow and her mother’s feelings about her dad’s death, and we’ll see Mr. and Mrs. Johnson in “a good place” now that they’ve reunited after their (blessedly) brief separation last season.

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