Blindspot season 4: Martin Gero on Remi's return

Blindspot’s team has, well, a blind spot.

In its fourth season, the NBC thriller picks up three months after Jane (Jaimie Alexander) reawakened as alter ego Remi, and the team still hasn’t picked up on her new personality. “Every time she doesn’t necessarily remember anything, she can chalk it up to her memory problems,” showrunner Martin Gero points out. “She’s got a cover.” But with Sandstorm dismantled, Remi’s left untethered — and she’s more dangerous because of it. “She’s completely infiltrated the FBI, so what does she do now?” Gero says. “In the beginning of season 4, she’s formulating a plan.”

Looks like after all this time, Jane remains her own worst enemy. Ahead, Gero discusses what to expect from season 4.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We left off with that scary smirk from Remi. What does that entail? Is she going to first have to learn all the secrets about the people around her just to blend in?
MARTIN GERO: Yeah, we’re picking up the episode about three months later, where she has kind of slowly gotten her Jane feet under her, and the good thing is, is that they know that she’s having some memory problems, right?… The team, at the beginning of this season, hasn’t noticed yet.

Well, lucky for Remi.
Yeah, and I think also Jane is a pretty stoic person already. Obviously the biggest person she’s got to work on is Weller [Sullivan Stapleton]. And she puts a lot of work into maintaining that relationship. But mostly, at the beginning of the season, she’s feeling very alone because obviously we saw her reach out to people that don’t exist anymore. She wanted to talk to Roman [Luke Mitchell] and Oscar [François Arnaud] and her mom, and Roman and Oscar are dead and her mom’s in a black site, so the first episode explores her trying to get some help.

Nobody’s filled her in on her mission yet, right?
No, but I think she knows now that the mission is changed. There is no Sandstorm anymore. She’s trying to figure out, “Well, what do I do? I have the thing we always wanted, which is I have completely infiltrated the FBI, so how do we use this now?”

And the ZIP poisoning? Anything you can tease on that front?
She won’t black out, but the effects of the ZIP poisoning are way worse than we thought. That’s all I’ll say.

Moving on to Zapata [Audrey Esparza] and Blake [Tori Anderson], what’s their dynamic going to be like? They want to change the world — what will that entail?
Well, I think being the head of HCI Global is a very powerful thing. You could do a lot of good or bad in that position. And I think Zapata sees in Blake somebody that she can potentially manipulate into doing a lot of whatever Zapata wants to do with the world. Zapata, I think, is leaving season 3 a little disillusioned because she didn’t feel at home in the NYPD. She didn’t feel at home in the FBI. She was starting to feel at home with the CIA, and they totally f—ed her. So I think for her, Blake felt like a reasonable person to reach out to and see if she could make some moves.

And is Blake easily manipulated? She’s lost her dad, and then she shot her boyfriend. Is there going to be some conflict between them, or is it going to be smooth sailing when we catch up? 
It won’t necessarily be smooth sailing. Blake is no gentle flower, but she definitely isn’t used to making big moves. Roman is probably the first person she ever killed.

Speaking of kills, Weller’s not dead, right?
[Laughs] He’s alive, guys! Weller lived! But again, part of what’s playing into Remi’s advantage is that he’s been off. He’s been recovering, and when we pick up three months later, he’s not back with the team. He’s still doing his physical therapy, trying to get back, so his world has kind of shifted. Their whole world dynamic is a little different.

You’ve said before that this won’t necessarily be the last time we see Luke Mitchell as Roman. So what should we expect from this year’s flashbacks? Is there anything you can tease about what else we’ll learn going into season 4?
Yeah, I’ll just stick by what I said. That wasn’t the last you’ve seen of Luke Mitchell. You’ll see some more of him right away.

Just to wrap up, then, do you have an eventual endgame in mind, or is it way too early to talk about that?
It’s too early to talk about it. I think we all have an endgame in mind. I think it’s just a question, for us, of trying to figure out when that endgame is. It’s not this season.

Right, the team needs to get Jane back first.
Exactly. It’s a very tumultuous and really huge season.

Anything else to add?
I think one of the things I’m most excited about is just the scope of the show this year. We shot the first episode in Tokyo, Paris, Zurich, and New York, so it’s really huge. It feels really big, and what’s so fun is to take the audience around the world, and to do it for real.

Blindspot returns Friday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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