Bradley Walsh ‘scolds’ contestant for ‘busting set’ in clumsy blunder ‘Crikey! That’s it’

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The Chase continued tonight on ITV and Bradley Walsh was on hand to introduce Jane, Justin, Les and Katie to Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan, all hoping to take as much money home as possible. But, during a rather tense round in which contestant Katie revealed she didn’t necessarily enjoy herself, Katie tripped up on the set. But, this left Bradley hitting out at the contestant. 

Katie, a writer from Leeds, was up first tonight and Bradley was thrilled to hear what she wanted to do with the money she hoped to win. 

The writer said she had a big trip planned to Machu Picchu next year, and that anything she might win tonight, would go towards that. 

But, after only raising £4,000 in the cash builder, Katie wasn’t overly impressed with herself. 

Katie did, however, manage to get herself into the final, but with a rather big slip up. 

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“What is the main difference between a cottage pie and a shepherds pie?” Bradley asked. 

“The type of dish? The type of vegetable or the type of meat?”

Bradley looked at the camera and said: “What sort of a question is that?”

Katie quickly answered: “One I can answer I hope!”

Katie made her way through to the final with £4,000 into the final.

“Did you enjoy that?” Bradley asked.

She replied: “In the end, yes. I enjoyed finishing.”

“Well,” Bradley added: “You are through to the final.”

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But, as Katie walked back to her seat and Bradley watched there was a terrible crash.

Katie had managed to kick the set followed by an “oops!”

Bradley quickly shouted: “Crikey!

“That’s it, bust the set,” he added as the other contestants fell about laughing. 

“Crikey, she is trouble,” Bradley added. 

It seems the chaser had an opinion on Katie’s game as well today. 

“She had a very nervous start,” Jenny added. 

“But, Katie needs to calm down before the final round.”

The Chase airs on ITV weekdays at 5pm. 

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