‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Wrapped Filming And We Got a Confirmation That It's Coming in 2022

It’s been close to six months since Bridgerton first premiered on Netflix, and let’s be honest: It went by WAY too fast. We can all appreciate eight episodes of hot 19th-century English romance, but I could have watched at least eight more of just Eloise investigating Lady Whistledown alone. If you’re also anxiously waiting for a second season to drop, like, tomorrow, here’s every detail we know about Bridgerton season 2 to tide you over in the meantime. I guess Lady Whistledown isn’t the only one with the inside scoop here!

Has season 2 been confirmed yet?

We have one word for ya: YES. Lady Whistledown’s publicist (aka Bridgerton’s social media accounts) actually announced the news back in January 2021, with expectations to return to production sometime in the spring. But that’s not the only great news. As of April 2021, Netflix decided we need more Regency-era sex in our lives, because the show is now renewed through season 4. WOO HOO!

As Shondaland’s IG post implies, it looks like our resident gossip is going to need a lot more ink and paper this time. And yes, go ahead—swoon away. We’re doing it right with you.


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