Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker charging fans for video messages to 'keep wolves from the door' after jobs were cancelled

BUCKS Fizz star Cheryl Baker has revealed she's charging fans for video messages to 'keep the wolves from the door' after her jobs were cancelled.

The TV personality and singer spoke of her financial troubles as she chatted to Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway.

Cheryl, 66, discussed the effect of lockdown restrictions on her career and others in the entertainment industry.

She confessed: "Probably 90 per cent of people in this industry are affected the same.

"We've fallen through the cracks where the government is giving out furloughs and things.

"We did one gig in September when we were allowed to."

Cheryl now now performs with former Bucks Fizz group members Mike, 66, and Jay Aston, 59, as The Fizz.

Last year they were able to play just one live show when Covid-19 restrictions were eased in September, at a theatre in Tonbridge, Kent.

She told Ben and Kate: "I think of myself as a spokesperson, it's not just me, it's most of this industry. We're all trying to make a living.

"A friend of mine is a great actor and she's been delivering for one of the supermarkets.

"I've been recording messages for people. It keeps the wolves from the door."

Explaining how she's getting work through the CelebVM app, where fans pay for personalised video messages from celebrities, the star continued.

"Have a look on those websites where you can get those messages – you'll see Shakespearean actors, performers," she said.

"We're all doing it because it's one way we can earn a few bob – and it is a few bob, I get two or three a week."

The mum-of-two charges between £30 and £50 for the video messages.

But the former Eurovision winner is hopeful things will change soon, despite expecting more cancelled gigs in the meantime.

She added: 'We have a gig in at the moment for March 6 which hasn't been cancelled, I'm sure it'll go any day now. The next one after that is May 14.

"We are hoping to get into studio and do our 40th anniversary album which we should have done in August of last year.

"I'm a very positive, forward thinking person but we all have to take our time."

The presenter previously revealed to The Sun Online that she'd been inundated with offers of financial help when she admitted she was "totally broke".

Bandmate Mike offered to sprint round with a fistful of cash, while a fan in Australia wanted to organise a whip-round.

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