Camilla’s Gardners’ World stint overshadowed as Monty Don’s pet derails segment ‘Naughty!’

Gardeners' World: Monty Don's dog shows off in front of Camilla

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A keen gardener herself, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, took a tour of Longmeadow with Gardeners’ World host Monty Don to pick up on tricks and tips the expert has implemented in his own collection. Together, the two discussed how their own produce has fared this summer in its scorching climate, as well as their own favourite things to grow in their respective patches. But just as the BBC host attempted to show Camilla his own vegetable garden, the pair’s interview was soon disrupted.

“The Duchess has a keen interest in growing good vegetables,” Monty said to BBC viewers as they approached the garden in Longmeadow.

However, before he could show off his array of brightly coloured produce, his pet dog Nellie derailed proceedings.

Commenting on his pet’s interruption, Monty said to viewers: “But as we headed to the Longmeadow vegetable garden, someone couldn’t resist stealing the show.”

Monty was stopped in his tracks as Nellie approached as the Duchess let out a laugh.

“Come here, what is it?” Monty teased his pet pooch. “Are you being naughty?”

Turning her attention to Camilla, the dog rolled over in front of the Duchess who gave her a stroke.

“Where’s her ball?” the Duchess asked as Nellie laid down in front of her: “What have you done with your ball?”

Spotting the limelight and cameras all turning to Nellie, Camilla remarked: “I can see she’s rather keen on the cameras.

“Now she just wants to pose,” the Duchess joked as Nellie sprawled out in front of the pair.

As Monty continued to tease his pet, Nellie began to bark, prompting Camilla to quip: “She’s got a few words to say.”

Trying to get the segment back on track, Monty guided Camilla to his vegetable patch, telling viewers the Duchess suffers the same gardening “problems as all gardeners do”.

Recalling her own experiences, Camilla explained: “I’m very lucky, I’ve got a big vegetable garden but the mice, the voles this year, all ate the asparagus roots.

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“They got into the strawberries so you can never win, there’s always something.”

Echoing Camilla’s frustration, Monty replied: “I think you just have to accept that there are some things that are not just going to go through this year, whatever that may be.”

However, just as things were back on track after Nellie’s interruption, Monty’s other dog Patti decided to join the fray.

“Having seen Nellie get Royal attention, Patti wanted to get in on the action too,” Monty joked to viewers.

As Patti approached the Duchess for a stroke, Camilla commented: “Very little but you keep everybody else in order!”

While Patti and Nellie may have diverted attention away from Monty and Camilla, fans were still quick to praise the Duchess for her stint on the show.

“Camilla’s really down to earth you can see there’s no filter there #GardenersWorld,” one viewer said on Twitter.

While a second agreed: “@TheMontyDon enjoyed seeing duchess of Cornwall on #GardenersWorld.”

Gardeners’ World airs Fridays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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