‘Can’t get a word in edgeways here’ Tory MP berates relentless Piers Morgan in GMB clash

GMB: Piers Morgan clashes with Michelle Donelan on universities

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain to discuss the government’s announcement of £50million to support students impacted by Covid-19. The Tory MP clashed with Morgan as he interrupted her several times when he felt she wasn’t answering questions put to her.

Morgan argued university students should be entitled to a rebate of their fees after teaching moved online.

Donelan explained students could submit complaints if they felt the quality of teaching had suffered but Morgan talked over the Tory MP.

“Hang on you asked me a question give me a chance to answer it,” Donelan remarked. 

“Please let me answer your question. I’m not getting a word in edgeways.”

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“I’ll let you get a word in edgeways when you answer the question,” Morgan hit back. 

“You are not instructing universities to get a discount on learning when we all acknowledge the university experience is not the same,” Reid interjected. “You’re leaving it to students to complain.”

“Universities are autonomous in law we must remember that,” the Tory MP argued. 

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