Carol Vorderman runs off This Morning after costume mishap

Carol Vorderman dresses up as Lord Voldemort

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This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield got into the spirit of Halloween this year along with their guests on the show. The team dressed up as the Addams Family along with special guests including Carol Vorderman dressed as Lord Voldermort from Harry Potter. However, she ended up running off the set after suffering an awkward costume mishap.

As she walked onto the set, she shouted: “Harry Potter! Oh, what a boy who lived! Come to die, Avada Kedavra!”

Holly, Phil, Josie Gibson who was dressed as Lurch, and guest Gok Wan who was dressed as Pugsley Addams were sat awkwardly by the side of the runway bemused as to what was happening.

Holly, dressed as Wednesday Addams, asked: “Urm, Carol Vorderman, is that you? What are you doing?”

Staying in character, Carol exclaimed: “I am lady Carol Vordermort, only I will live forever!”

Phillip interjected: “But the theme today is the Addams family…”

After an awkward silence, Carol quipped: “Oh… Addams Family. Oh yeah, yeah okay, right well in which case I will just nip off to Loose Women. Nice to see you.”

As she walked off their set, Holly praised her: “You make a very sexy Voldermort by the way, gorgeous!”

Phillip agreed: “Best ever!” to which Gok added: “Doesn’t she look incredible!”

Viewers of the show were also left confused by Carol’s entrance and what her role on the show was, taking to their Twitter pages to express their thoughts.

@LesleyBehan69 commented: “2 hours in makeup for that 30 seconds on tv #thismorning.”

@onlysmols laughed: “HAHAHAHA CAROL coming as Voldemort, fair play to her #ThisMorning.”

Traylor Holmes loved the play on words and simply stated: “Carol Vordermort #ThisMorning,” followed by a laughing emoji.

Commenting on her enthusiasm in the role, @Dayjur11 quipped: “Alright Carol, calm down luv [sic]. #ThisMorning.”

Impressed by her make-up and costume, Reggie Towers praised: “Go on the Vorders! She looks absolutely stunning as per usual, even with all that Halloween makeup on.”

@CamSings09 added: “Carol Vorderman appears on the screen for 30 seconds and made the whole episode. Love it!” [sic]

Not doing things by half, the This Morning crew got into the spirit and opened the show with a skit dedicated to the Addams Family.

As the skit began, Alison Hammond as Morticia said: “Hello, and welcome to our home. We are so pleased you could join us on this delightfully gloomy morning,” before a thunder sound effect played.

She turned to Steve Wilson as Gomez and said: “Oh, sounds like a storm darling. I knew it was going to be shaping up to be a wonderful day.”

Steve exclaimed: “Every day is wonderful with you mi amor,” before kissing her hand and up her arm.

Phillip jumped in: “We are The Addams Family, I am Uncle Fester, this is my brother Gomez, and his wife Morticia.”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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