Chantelle Houghton reveals she thinks about having kids with ex Preston and says there’s still something between them – The Sun

CHANTELLE Houghton has revealed how she still thinks about having kids with her ex husband Preston and that there is still something between them.

The pair enjoyed a whirlwind romance after she appeared as a 'fake celebrity' on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

They even got married seven months after appearing on the show, but divorced the following year.

They then went on to appear on the Ultimate Big Brother together in 2010, with Chantelle, 36, finding it painful to be around her ex husband.

However, 10 years on and the former couple are now good friends

Speaking to the Daily Star, single Chantelle – who has a 7-year-old daughter Dolly with ex Alex Reid – was asked whether she ever wonders what it would be like to have a child with Preston, 38.

“I’ve ­sometimes thought about it,” said Chantelle.

“If we’d stayed ­together then yeah, definitely.

“I think he’ll be an amazing dad. He’ll be so much fun, so caring, so kind. He’ll make a fantastic father!”

Chantelle revealed how she has stayed in touch with Ordinary Boys star Preston.

She said: “It can go a couple of weeks or it can go six months, but whenever we pick up, we just pick up.

“It’s always been like that with me and him.”

In March the pair were reunited for a New! magazine ­photoshoot, which Chantelle found hard at first.

“I couldn’t even look at him at first,” she said. “Every time I looked at him, I was like: “This is so weird!” I kept having to look away.”

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But after a while she was OK with Chantelle revealing: “We just fell back into me and him”.

During the New! interview Preston told the magazine: "Going through what we went through, we have a post-traumatic stress.

"It's not an exaggeration to say that it was so intense all the media coverage at the time that it does feel like there are very few people who understand what the real pressures of that are."

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