Chantelle Houghton working as a Body Shop consultant to earn money after pandemic cancelled work

CHANTELLE Houghton has announced she's working as a Body Shop consultant to earn money after the coronavirus pandemic cancelled her work.

The former Big Brother star shared her news during an Instagram Live with fans on social media.

Chantelle, 37, explained she'd made the decision after feeling "bored" during lockdown and to give herself a "purpose".

Introducing her Q&A session with Body Shop senior regional manager Suzie Palmer on Wednesday, the reality star told fans: "I am pleased to announce I'm working with Body Shop at Home as a Body Shop consultant!"

She went on to recall: "I've loved the Body Shop for years – I remember being eight years old in the Body Shop with my mum trying on the make-up and spraying on all the stuff.

"I was vegetarian when I was about seven and became vegan in the last five years Lockdown, work, you can't get out of your house, I've just been so bored!"

The mum-of-one is best known for winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, before going on to marry Ordinary Boys frontman Preston.

Chantelle, shares eight-year-old daughter Dolly, with Katie Price's ex Alex Reid.

She went on to give her reasons for signing up for the work from home position.

"I was sitting at home the other day and thought I just really want to do something that I can focus on instead of just homeschooling," she told her followers.

"The whole mental health thing… you need to be focused on something.

"I want to earn money, who doesn't want to earn money? Let's be honest!'

Chantelle, who is currently planning her wedding to fiance Michael Strutt, admitted that she hoped working for the ethical beauty brand would give her "purpose".

She said: "When you're a new-time mum, or with a second baby or third baby, you sort of lose your identity. When you join something like this, it gives you a purpose and it's so easy.

'I lost a lot of my confidence years ago but even in the last couple of weeks I just feel like I wake up in the morning and I've got some sort of focus rather than just being a stay-at-home mum which I am right now."

The reality favourite added: "With this whole pandemic, work isn't really there, you can't do your daily job, so it's just nice to see other people doing really well."

In June 2020 it was revealed Chantelle was engaged to Michael fter dating for only three months.

The pair have known each other as friends for nine years, but took their relationship to a romantic level.

They met when he lived next door to her mother with a long-term partner, Sara, and their children.

After keeping Michael's identity secret for some time, Chantelle took to Instagram to announce her engagement, posting: "Ok, I know it’s lockdown and isolation but he just asked me to marry him: I said YES.

"I will love him forever."

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