Chloe delighted after having sex with Mack in Emmerdale but there's pain ahead

Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) has his feelings tested once again in Emmerdale as he tries to move on with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), but still feels so much for Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

Mack and Charity split up after it was revealed that he’s Reuben’s dad.

This led to confusing feelings between him and Chloe, as the parents started to bond and work well together while looking after their son.

Chloe decided to show Mackenzie how she felt by trying to kiss him, later explaining that she thinks they could be a happy family once everything regarding Charity is untangled.

Mackenzie was given a sign that things were firmly over with Charity when she asked for a divorce.

As he tries to move forward, Mack tells Chloe that he’s definitely over Charity in upcoming episodes.

After spending the day together, Mack and Chloe’s feelings are bubbling away and as the chemistry increases, they head upstairs.

The next day, when Mack appears keen to embrace their situation, Chloe does her best to disguise her delight.

But later, Chloe feels frustrated when Mack says he’d rather not tell Charity about their new relationship.

While this is unfolding, Mackenzie remains unaware that Charity and Caleb (William Ash) have slept together after a drunken evening.

In the pub, it isn’t long until Charity reveals her secret, which makes a jealous Mackenzie confront and square up to Caleb.

Hurt by Mack’s reaction, Chloe offers him an ultimatum – her or Charity.

But who will he choose?

And with Caleb’s attack circling this storyline, and Mackenzie being one of the suspects, could his happiness with Chloe be short lived if he is responsible?

‘It’s a soap, all characters eventually get what’s coming to them’, Lawrence Robb told us.

‘Mackenzie definitely wants bad things to happen to Caleb. When things inevitably go wrong for Caleb, I’m not saying whether Mack will have a hand in it, but I’m sure he’ll be able to attest to the reasoning behind it.’

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