Chloe Sims sobs as she talks pain of being rejected by mum and 10-year boyfriend

Chloe Sims cried as she described the pain she experienced when her mother left her along with her boyfriend of 10 years.

The TOWIE star is trying to find love again on Celebs Go Dating , alongside a load of other single celebrities, and was named the "ice queen" by dating experts Paul C Brunson and Lady Nadia Essex.

She refused to open up to her dates, but the moment she did let her guard down with Nadia and Paul, she started crying as she told them about her mum, who abandoned her when she was a young woman.

Chloe wiped away tears as she said: "My mum left when was young, so I didn’t know her.

"I met somebody who I really loved and I was on and off with him for 10 years, and he left. I literally tried everything, I changed, I did everything to fit around him and it didn’t work out.

"I don’t even know why I’m getting upset, it’s because I’ve not ever been able to get over him and between that there’s been lot of s***, loads. But it is what it is, isn’t it."

When asked about how she will find "it," she replied: "I had it and I lost it and now no-one’s going to live up to him. I had it, I just don’t know if you meet someone twice in a lifetime."

Later, fellow singleton Vas J Morgan also revealed he has been "rejected by so many people," that he now struggles to love himself, but is ready to start trying to love someone else.

Similarly, Diversity star Sam Craske admitted he didn’t have enough "respect" for his former girlfriend, Little Mix star Jade Thirwall.

He told Paul and Nadia: "Even though I wasn’t cheating, my respect levels was not what it is now, it got to the point where she’d kind of had enough.

"But I think it’s all part of growing up – it’s maturity – being a man is being honest and not cowering away from things, even letting girls know if you’re not interested anymore."

Despite the clear growth from each of the celebs, their dates didn’t quite go as planned, with Chloe going off her Portsmouth-born father-of-three because he didn’t like to party, while Vas was turned off his date because he talked too much.

And Sam seemed to have an amazing time with his pole dancer from Jersey, but plucked up the courage to tell her the spark was not there.

Celebs Go Dating continues weekdays at 10pm and Sundays at 9pm on E4.

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