Coronation Street airs bizarre murder scene as Stephen kills Rufus

Viewers were treated to a rollercoaster episode of Coronation Street on Friday (April 14) night, as sleazy businessman Rufus’ fate was revealed.

In the previous episode, Rufus had opened the door of his mansion to a mystery visitor, who would turn out to be the last person to seem him alive.

The following morning, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) found himself unable to get hold of the businessman, despite having accepted a big job from him.

This left him concerned, seeing as he had well and truly burned his bridges with Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) at Underworld, having told him exactly where to stick his job.

Following advice from his uncle Ronnie (Vinta Morgan), the pair headed over to Rufus’ place in an attempt to talk to him in person.

However, once they arrived, they were faced with shocking scenes.

With the house swarming with police, a conversation with the housekeeper revealed that she had found Rufus dead in his swimming pool that morning.

While the events surrounding his death remained a mystery, it wouldn’t be long until we found out the truth, with a bizarre flashback sequence revealing exactly what happened.

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After having his job reinstated and being given a promotion, Michael asked Stephen to explain exactly how he ensures he gets a good deal with clients.

As he began to explain how to get someone exactly where you want them, the scene changed and viewers were taken back to Rufus’ house the previous night.

It soon became clear what was about to happen, as flashback Stephen approached the swimming pool.

As present-day Stephen explained that the key to getting what you want is ruthlessness, flashback Stephen poured the remainder of his LSD stash into Rufus’ drink.

With Rufus unable to walk steadily, Stephen took his chance and pushed him into the pool, before holding his head underwater until he drowned.

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Stephen had been desperate to get rid of Rufus ever since he worked out that the Canadian villain had been drugging Carla Barlow (Alison King) to make it look as though she was incapable of running Underworld.

Now, with Rufus out of the picture and no one left to keep tabs on Stephen, just how much further will he go to protect his spot on the Underworld throne?

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